Axle Config:
3 Axle
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 05
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 04
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 01
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 03
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 12
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 11
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 10
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 06
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 08
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 09
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 14
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 42
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 58
  • EMR 2613 F SR 25873 54


Technical Specification
Semi Trailer Tanker For the transportation of hazardous chemicals
A.D.R. cl. 3, 5.1, 6.1 ,8, 9
Maximal Loading temperature : 120°C
Working Pressure : 2 bar
Build as per EN14025

Shape - Dimensions - Weight
Capacity : 37 500 litres TOTAL
Compartments : One
Material : Stainless steel AISI 316L
Shape : straight (2100 dia).
The stress distribution is made by stainless steel Omega supporting rings.
Gross weight of artic : 38 000 kg (14 000 kg mini on king pin ; 24 000 kg maxi on running gear)
Theoretical weight : 7700 kg. +/-3%
Coupling plate height, loaded : 1 250 mm +/-2%
Thickness 3mm
4 baffles

Fittings to tank
1 non removable manhole 500 mm FORT VALE at front of the tank, opening to the front, equipped with :
- 6 point fastening hinged manhole cover. Swivel type bolts, including safety bolt.
- PTFE seals.
- FORT VALE MAXI TWINACT 2,5’’ in stainless steel. Bursting disc and pressure gauge fitted on the tank at rear right hand side of the manhole inside the spill box.
- FORT VALE UNIACT 2’’ vacuum relief valve in stainless steel fitted on the tank at rear left hand side of the manhole inside the spill box.
- Spillbox, square, non insulated in stainless steel without top cover. Drain tube in stainless steel and flexible hose under the tank.
Dip connection 1,5’’ BSP male screwed connection including FORT VALE control valve and stainless steel drip cap, fitted inside spillbox n°3.
Discharge gear DN 80 diameter :
- Stainless steel DN80 FORT VALE CLEANFLOW pneumatic operation from floor level
- DN 80 stainless steel pipework to rear center of tank and fitted with:
- DN 80 stainless steel butterfly valve FORT VALE WIDDOP ,
3’’ BSP coupling and drip cap.
PTFE envelope gaskets .

Special Equipment
Antislide full length, lateral walkway, 400 mm wide to nearside in alloy grating. Alloy grating between spill boxes.
2 off folding handrails in stainless steel , one each side, with front and rear closure, operated through the lower half of the access ladder at nearside, and by lever at offside. Half height tube fitted.
Stainless steel access ladder to rear, including top step. Device to lock the handrail in upright position.
Stainless steel supporting rings, front mounting and tank mounting supports.
4 cleaning holes Ø 500 FORT VALE opening to the front, into square open spill boxes. Drain pipe in stainless steel and flexible hose under the tank.
2 stainless steel hose trays , 1 at nearside / 1 at offside (100 x 250 x 50), 6 m long with stainless steel ends . Strap holders and straps
Hazardous products equipment consisting in:
- Overturn protection made by the sides of the spillbox.
- Fire extinguisher holder 1x9 Kg, ADM 2000 RL with extinguisher
- Hazchem board holders HAZCHEM TRIPLEX HOLDER TX/11541/250/2 and " HZDH/250" for environment
-14m Earthing cable on reel
- 2 Earthing points at nearside
- DFS spill kit for chemical products
Heating, external 2 pipes for maximum 4 bar operation with pressure gauge and relief valve.
Inlet 1” to rear nearside of tank with express coupling and cap . Steam trap fitted on the outlet at rear offside.
1 analog thermometer - 20° / + 200°C with security glass at nearside center position.
Pressure / vapour recovery air line 1.5" to nearside front including (T connection):
1 air release valve
1 pressure gauge in glycerin bath.
1 pressure relief valve 1" ½ FORT VALE UNIACT 2 bar in stainless steel.
1.5” BSP male connection with blind cap and chain at front nearside (pressure operation)
1 air filter SIMPLEX E/S 1" ½
1 non return valve in stainless steel DN 40.
Pressure / depressure inlet into the front spill box at the front of the manhole with 1.5’’ air operated ball valve
1 vapor recovery pipe 1.5’’ terminating at nearside rear with at the extremity a DN40 control valve (manual operation), 1.5’’ BSP male connection and cap, near the outlet valve
1 air release line DN40 teed off with manual valve terminating near the landing legs
1 stainless control box to house pneumatic switches located at rear nearside. VISIWINK indicators on bottom valve
Labels in English riveted:
Sealing point on the control box
Pump support at rear between the beams for future fitting of a pump by the customer
2 off hydraulic lines to front of tank,
1 off PVC toolbox 830 x 480 x 470 at rear offside
8 lashing rings, 4 per side.

Running Gear

JOST 3 axles air suspension, at 1310 centres allowing 3 x 9000 kgs plated. Chassis in stainless steel, 2B mat finish
3 dead axles
Disc brakes Ø 430 mm
Automatic front lift axle
Air suspension
Raise and lower valve
6 tyres 385 / 65 R 22,5 radial tubeless BRIDGESTONE 385/65 R22.5 on X-LITE polished wheels. Wheel nuts tightening indicators
6 individual polyethylene mudwings in Black with 2 spray suppression flaps
2 line air brakes to UK and EU requirements. C type brake couplings.
- Service : C female - Emergency : C male
Anchorlock spring brakes on 3 axles
EBS KNORR BREMSE TRPS type 2S/2M. powered through ISO plug 7638 and stop lights.
2 air tanks painted, 60 liter capacity each
All lights (24 V) conforming to EU requirements:
- 15 pin ISO plug , with 2x7 pin adapter
- LED Positions lamps, reflectors according to EU and UK requirements.
Bumper bar in STAINLESS STEEL box section with warning triangles and reflective stripe. – ASPOCK EUROPOINT II rear combination lamps in separate box
Registration plate holder with light.
Side guards 2 bar design in anodized aluminum type GM with EU agreement.
2 speed landing legs in steel, on rocker feet
UK design coupling plate with standard 2" bolt in king pin.
2 ADR chocks in yellow plastic

Test and Calibration
Design pressure (according to ADR) and test pressure (by "BUREAU VERITAS") : 4 bar.
Working pressure 2 bar
Calibration in the factory ( 500 l)
MAGYAR supply of dipstick carrier and dipstick fixed on ladder
X-Ray of welds (0.8)
Coc road homologation

External surfaces : Clean, as welded
Internal surfaces: Scoured and pickled.
Fully electrically welded under argon atmosphere.
stainless steel 2B chassis
Finish painted, Blue RAL5017 to landing legs, axles and hubs and air tanks
Sides and rear yellow reflecting stripes
(red stripe inside the bumper)

80 mm glass wool and 30mm polyurethane compressed to 100 mm.
Cladding sheets in stainless steel, bright finish AISI 304 brilliant
Water tightness between cladding sheets by means of overlapping (no ribs). Cladding strap on rubber sole at front and rear of tank only
Silicon seals between supports and insulation cladding
Ends in polyester white RAL 9003, with
- integrated air and electrical connections on the front one
- LED blister lights on the rear one. Adapter cable supplied in bulk for “marker light” function

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