2021 LAG 42,000 LTR 6 Compartment ADR FUEL TRAILER

Axle Config:
3 Axle
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LAG 6 compartment 42,000 litres aluminium semi-trailer,

Blackmer TXD3 pump, for the carriage of petroleum and ethanol based products.

6 compartments, sized from front to rear as follows:-

7,000L, 7,000L, 7,000L, 7,000L, 7,000L, 7,000L.

Nett tank capacity : 42,000 litres

Gross tank capacity : 45,200 litres

Low profile oval shape with goose neck.

Oval form : 2,470 mm x 1,650 mm at the front

: 2,470 mm x 2.060 mm at the rear

: Shell: 5.0 mm thick.

Tank top equipment

1 x manhole type Emco Wheaton man lid per compartment,

Gardner Denver pneumatically operated sequential vent valve and vapour recovery


Dip Mandrels, type Gardner Denver, only with Flame Traps & Inox Continuity

Overfill Protection

1 complete Scully Connect (plug and play) overspill system, 2 wire with bottom socket and brake interlock. No Top socket.

Discharge system

Gardner Denver, API adaptors.

Each compartment is fitted with a 4” Gardner Denver pneumatically operated non pressure balanced foot valve. No flexible joints in lines.

Each foot valve is connected to a manually operated fill coupling, type Emco Wheaton Between the coupling and pipe work a flanged LAG sight glass is mounted.

Each coupling is fitted with a blank cap and product grade indicator.

Vapour Recovery system Gardner Denver with combing vent valve 32mb smart vent.

Bottom load control box lid with rubber bump stop on lid, driver opening key to have stowage point and secured with chain.

Hose racks

1 x 8M long, open hose tray c/w buckles fitted to each side and rear, complete with barrel side protection strips.

Running Gear

- BPW , 1 x 3 axle bogie, 3 x 9 tonne 9010 axles

- BPW Airlight 2 air suspension, steel hanger brackets.

- 420 x 180 mm Drum brakes with automatic brake adjusters

- Wabco ABS, EBS, RSS 2S/2M

- 6 x BPW aluminium wheels. Tyres 385/65 22.5 Goodyear


Tank certified by Apragaz

Red pass [SLP] Certification

Vapour emission tested

ADR 1 Test Certificate

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