• Specification

    SCANIA P320 (Next Gen) 20,000 LTR ADR FUEL TANKER (NEW)

  • SCANIA P320 6X2 NEW
    Day Cab
    9 Speed Auto Gearbox. with Clutch Pedal
    Rear Air Suspension
    Rear Steer
    Right Hand Drive
    Plated Weight : 26,000 Kgs.
    Tested Until End : New Test
    Mileage As Shown : 000,000 Kms.

    20,000 Ltr, 5 Compartment Alloy ADR  Tank (New)
    TruFlow 800 Bulk Metering System
    Optional Temp Comp
    TruFlow Top and Bottom Loading with manifold
    TruFlow Product Transfer
    Remote Control
    Reversing Camera
    Collins Youldon Hose Reel
    Goodyear Delivery Hose
    Emco Man Lids
    Blackmer Pump